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It is located at 31˚3760N 71˚40E at an elevation of 159 metres and lies on the left bank of the Indus river. It has a population of almost 1278000 and was given status of district in 1982.
History of Bhakkar is very old there are many myths, mysteries and variety of elaborations about Bhakkar. Some say that the original name of Bhakkar was Sakhar and with the passage of time it became Bhakkar. Some say that it was said to be named after the great Balouch Sardar, an adventurer, who was leading a body of colonists from Dera Ismail Khan, it was towards the close of the fifteenth century they say that the descendants were ousted later on by Ahmad Shah Abdali, a great invader.


History Of Bhakkar


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Province Punjab
Location 31˚3760N 71˚40E
Area 8153 Sq Km
Time Zone (GMT +5)
Tehsils 4
Population 1,391,729 Current 2011
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